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Taeyang – Look Only At Me (Live From Fantastic Duo 2)

I’m really not sure how I stumble across music sometimes, and this is a great example, as I have no idea how I came across this track. In the tv show that I found this song, fans of a particular artist (who will appear later in the series) record themselves at home singing along to one of the artists’ songs. If these amateur singers are accepted by the show they then get to sing the artists songs along with the other candidates. After each song the artist picks his favorites to stay on until there is only one fan left who gets to sing a duet with the artist he/she loves. It’s a cool concept. This particular song is from the final round with just three candidates left. My personal favorite is the French expat who currently studies in Korea. Wait for her to start singing at the 1:10 mark and you’ll see why I chose her. Ultimately the male contestant won, but the music lives on. There is more to the song than is shown in the video below, but unfortunately the parent company of the show hasn’t released the full video on youtube yet.