Category: HOUSE

Starley – Call On Me (Ryan Riback Remix)

I always wonder if artists get annoyed when a remix turns out to be more popular than the original. The interesting thing with this track is that it was specifically commissioned along with 5 other remixes as an small remix album to compliment the main release. Turns out though that Ryan Riback pulled out the best parts of the track, added some great house piano, sped it up a bit, enhance the beat, added some synth backing layers and voila! 4 million views on Youtube versus just 46 thousand for the original. Maybe that was the point of the remixes to begin with though: as a backup in case the original doesn’t quite hit the mark.


Calum Scott – Dancing On My Own (Tiesto Remix)

I feel like Tiesto did very little for this remix, and yet it’s all that was needed to make it perfect. It’s annoying when you hear so little created or added, and yet it’s the perfect touch so I can’t argue with the minimalism. Either way, if you’re outside of Britain you may not know this story. Essentially Calum Scott did his own slower re-work of the Robyn classic as his audition for Britain’s Got Talent (right after his sister was denied) and soon enough had his own release of his version of the song followed by a Tiesto remix which just was the icing on the musical cake. I’ve included his initial Britain’s Got Talent audition as a reference to how this all came about. There really isn’t any doubt that you won’t like the track either, it just works…and it’s even better than the original. Sorry Robyn.


Tapetenwechsel – Feel You

A really solid house track. Seems rarer these days. Instead of trying to add more, this track stays simple and true to house roots: a great bass-line, breakdowns with a crescendo and drop, enjoyable vocals, and a groove you can’t help but dance to.


Jafunk – Dazed

A really well-rounded house track. This honestly could have been written anytime in the last 20 years. The only thing that makes me believe it was more recent is the quality of the sound, and well…the actual release date. But you know what I mean.


Klingande – Jubel (Nora En Pure Remix)

There really wasn’t too much Nora En Pure needed to do here to make this perfect. It was soo close on the initial release. Just a bit too long and a bit too dramatic as a dance track. All Nora En Pure did was edit it a bit, keep it upbeat and tag their name on. Simple work for a brilliant finish. Honestly, try and not be in a better mood when this song is done.


Rudimental – Rumour Mill

These guys can do no wrong lately. They are just killing it with every music direction and genre they turn towards. This is a house/indie-dance/pop/RnB track that just hit the slow dance movement on it’s head. I keep hitting repeat on this one as I keep finding new subtle gems on each listen. Picture yourself dancing to this at a house party with a new girl or guy and having a raucous good time. That’s the image I’m seeing right now.