Category: HIPHOP

Vera Blue – Lady Powers

This is such a funky song. Is it RnB? Hip Hop? Pop? I’m really not sure. There is no music video for this at the time of posting. All I can find are a bunch of different choreographers doing dances to this track. How does a track first gain popularity as the backing music for dance routines? That’s a bit of a mystery to me; all I can say is that this song definitely makes you want to get up and move, so maybe that’s the only answer there needs to be.


Cro – Bye Bye (MTV Unplugged)

Ignoring the panda mask for the time being, this is a really great tune. This live version especially. Fun uptempo hiphop with a soulful swagger. A thank you goes out to some great germans I had the pleasure of getting to know on a trip through the west coast of the USA for turning me onto this gem. Enjoy!


Allday – You Always Know The DJ

Another Australian hip hop artist to watch. I love the piano on this track, combined with the drawn out bass and rhythm guitar this simple beat just works. Seems quite similar to Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home.” It certainly shares the same vibe and kick/snare pattern. Either way, enjoy.