Vallis Alps – Fading

I didn’t hear this track until it popped up on Australia’s famous Triple J countdown of the best songs of 2016 and I sure am glad I tuned in. A guy from Seattle and girl from Canberra created an entire album through collaboration, sending parts back and forth to one another for years. This is my favorite by the duo, but the album is quite good as a whole. The layering and vocal edits are exquisite and every time I listen I uncover another synth layer or drum fill that I didn’t catch on the last listen. With so much happening in the background the track never comes across as messy or sonically clogged. Impressive is all I can say.


Deorro – Five Hours (Empia Remix)

There’s been mixed reviews about the vocal release of Deorro’s massive electro hit “Five Hours.” Empia has solved everyones problem by keeping the new (and lovely) vocals intact, but twisting the electro track into trappy goodness. The stripped down and chopped up instrumentals make the vocals the focus instead of just another layer on an already saturated wall of sound. Kudos sir.


WDL – With Blood

A really cool electronica or maybe dubstep track. Tough to nail down the genre on this one. Regardless, it has some really cool vocal samples that are twisted all around to amazing effect. Grab a copy for yourself here and check it out below.

Tycho – Dye

I grabbed this beautiful gem off Tycho’s sunrise set during the recent Burning Man. I can only imagine the great feeling you’d have with this track playing as the sun rose in the Nevada desert. Make sure to listen through until the drop at 3:30, it gets me every time. Grab it free here.