Category: CLASSICS

Orbital – Halcyon (Live)

The first mashup I ever heard and loved, way back in 1996. This great live mashup interlude with Bon Jovi and Belinda Carlisle during their track Halcyon went viral (to the extent that it was possible in 1996) and these days the live version is generally viewed as being even better than the original. The track is great before the break and I highly recommend it, but I’ve skipped ahead to the mashup. As always, grab it free here.

YELLE – A Cause Des Garcons (TEPR Remix)

Stumbled across this today and it had been awhile for me. I thought I’d share this gem because like me, you probably haven’t heard it in quite some time and are due a re-listen/watch. For those who might be viewing this music video for the first time, all I can say is enjoy, and prepare to be watching it at least a few times. Let me know if I’m wrong, but I doubt I’ll be…it’s addicting.